Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Turning negatives into positives: photography lessons

Cutline: The vibrancy of the Towson University campus can be found even when the clouds are grey and students are waist deep in assignments.

Cutline: The Tiger, the prized mascot of Towson University prowls about campus daring any school to compare to its likeness.

Cutline: Towson student Sabrina Lindsey bundles up in multiple layers for a blustery day on campus.
Notes on photography:
Over the past few years, I have worked very diligently to become a better photographer because I often found myself in situations where I was the reporter and the photographer. Simply put, a bad photo doesn't make the front page...or any page for that matter. Even as the editor, I could not stand to put any photo in just because I needed a photo. Many stories went without unfortunatly because of this reason. Then I met a guy who was a photography major and he helped me out with a few tips. Taking some art classes helped me too. Some things I would like to work on would be getting more dynamic shots. Recently, I have tried different angles and I believe it will come down to trial and error. In the fall is coming photo at the top, I would have liked to get the shot a little more defined by focusing more. I am not sure but this might have been a camera issue. Either way, I still like the shot, but it could have stood to be better. I really like my shot of the Towson Tiger. I feel it is interesting and brings the kitty to life. I also want to work on filling the frame with subjects doing interesting things. For example, in the photo of Sabrina (above) I would have liked to get her doing something interesting instead of simply standing for the photo.

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