Monday, April 13, 2009

Great White Odyssey

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Never before when I watched a television show or newscast did I think about the amount of work that goes into creating the package. Recently, I received my new Netflix in the mail. Settling down to watch the movie, I popped some pop corn and pulled my blue blanket down so I could properly enjoy the show.

After going online to find the show’s website, I found a video clip provided by National Geographic about one shark, “Nicole,” who has crossed the Indian Ocean in search of better resources and a place to give birth.

When I originally watched the documentary, I did not think about what angles were being used to create the wide array of emotions throughout the show. I found that many shots were wide to show the vastness of the ocean. The wide shots made me feel in awe of how sharks can navigate under water and maintain a specified course. Other shots were tight around “Nicole” as she moved through the water. Being so close to her, I could feel her power and presence.

The camera angles that National Geographic used in the documentary brought me closer to a shark that I will probably never get close to for any number of reasons, one of which being a paralyzing fear of what lies beneath the surface of the ocean.

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