Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Calling all CSI fans--A Series on Science (My news idea)

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After doing some research into a few local events coming up in the next two weeks, I found the perfect event for me. The Title of the event is “Saturday Science Presents: Skin and Bones-Using Science to Solve Crimes.” Hosted by the Hackerman Academy Saturday Morning Science Series, the interactive lecture is scheduled to discuss how technology and science are helping to solve crimes. This event in particular interests me because I am a huge Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) fan! On September 27th, 2008, in Smith Hall Room 326, attendees will get the opportunity to explore the latest advances in technology as presented by Dr. Dana Kollmann, of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice of Towson University. The only information I am supplied is the information provided by Towson University’s Daily Digest. Since this presentation is part of a series, I will conduct research on former productions from this group. Finding out about past discussions could be very helpful in going into a bit more depth in the later paragraphs of my final article. My first source of information will be the presenter, Dr. Dana Kollmann. Next, I could speak to the Department Chairs about the program. While they may not be the most bountiful source of information on the series, I could get some very good quotes for the article. Another good source for quotes would be any volunteers or event attendees. An important piece of any article is the pictures which go along side to give it a human face. The information I already have indicates the event will be interactive so I could get photos of live action. The most important aspect of the article tells readers how this event is important to their lives. I will brainstorm how I can make this really pertinent to the readers at Towson University. My initial thought to relate this article to students is to study the crimes at Towson University itself and how the new technology could help solve, and potentially curb the crimes themselves from being committed. Also, since this event is likely to occur again featuring a new topic, the article will stay relevant time wise. This article could encourage people to attend the next event. The questions I will ask include: why this is important to college students, what this new technology means for the professional world, why was Towson University chosen for the series, what are the beginning and ending dates for presentations and what the presenters want attendees to get out of the program now and in the future. I look forward to attending this event because while it is news, it does not hold the stereotypical boring attitude. The information presented through the Daily Digest also makes me feel as though the new technology will be explained in real terms and not in industry jargon.

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