Monday, September 22, 2008

Tweet, tweet! What are you doing?

While reading the twitter posts of my classmates from the past week, I have become more aware of how much I actually do not say when I write. I find I often write for the beauty of the written word and not so much to answer the almighty five W’s and H questions. The first twitter I looked at was by Rachel2789. Rachel's twitter seemed to fit into the median range of the class' spectrum of information. She was unable to answer all of the questions, but she did paint a picture for the mind to interpret how the game played out. The next twitter, written by DanieljGross, contains most of the information I needed as a reader to understand the story. He used actual names in his twitter which tells me he knows what he is talking about; however, I didn't need to know his name because the player is not very prominent. The final twitter I reviewed is by bwrigh5. This person, while they are able to paint a picture for the mind, does not give enough information for readers. This oversight, makes the information relative to almost any game and not just for the game from the Spiders. Overall, I feel as though my classmates are beginning to hone in on the events happening in and around Towson. As I twitter, I am becoming more aware of the details I need in order to make my readers as aware as possible. While I did not attend the game on Saturday, by combining the information from each of the leads, I am able to figure out the five W’s and H.

Who: Towson Tigers
What: Lost to University of Richmond
Where: Richmond, Virginia
When: Saturday, September 13, 2008
Why: Interceptions and Turnovers rampant
How: Misguided plays by Towson

Print screen Courtesy of Rachel2789 from (Below)

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